Custom House At Ballard Pier Bombay, 1918 Postcard

Custom House At Ballard Pier Bombay, 1918 Postcard

Old 1918 photo postcard of the Custom House at Ballard Pier in Bombay, now Mumbai. This entire area was once part of the sea. Until it was reclaimed by the Bombay Port Trust and converted into a business district. Planned between 1908 and 1914 by George Wittet, architect of the Gateway of India, the area was developed according to the strict guidelines he set.

The district’s broad pavement and neat tree-covered avenues are lined with stone buildings of uniform height and style. Giving Ballard Estate an atmosphere of calm tranquillity, unusual in a business locality. Among the most impressive buildings on this street is the Customs House. Designed by George Wittet himself. Next to it is the Bombay Port Trust also designed by Wittet.

Older post Aerial View of Ballard Pier Bombay, Old Photo 1930.

Did you know- further down the road is the ‘Port Trust War Memorial’ a sandstone lamp post. Honouring the port employees who died in World War I. 

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