Queen Victoria Statue Agra, Old Postcard 1906

Queen Victoria Statue Agra, Old Postcard 1906

This is an old 1906 photo postcard of Queen Victoria’s statue at Agra. Cast in Italy and brought to the city in 1905. Standing majestically the statue exuded an imposing reminder of the British Raj. This was among the 50 statues brought to India by the then Prince of Wales. Since Queen Victoria was the longest-ruling sovereign in colonial times it was inevitable that her statues were placed prolifically all over India. Agra was the center of the Mughal reign it was the capital. And had successive rulers from Babur to Shah Jahan (more remembered for building the famous Taj Mahal).

But by 1638 the capital was shifted to Delhi by Shah Jahan. Seemingly because of overpopulation and water scarcity. When the Mughal Empire exited from Agra, the Marathas and the British gained control. The Marathas ruled the city from 1570 to the time it fell to the British in the 1800s. Ever since then it was under British colonial rulers. See the partial view of the Taj Mahal in the background. The sculpture today lies at Paliwal Park in the city mismanaged and unmaintained. Click on the photo for better view.

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Did you know- this 12 feet memorial statue of Queen Victoria was cast out of a special combination of ten metals that included gold.

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