Hotel Majestic & Waterloo Mansion Colaba Bombay – 7 PCs 1900

hotel majestic colaba

hotel majestic & waterloo mansion

Seven postcard views of Hotel Majestic and Waterloo Mansion of Colaba in Bombay (Mumbai). The postcards date from around 1909 to 1920. Once a narrow strip of land that was occupied by the original inhabitants the Kolis. Colaba today is very different from what it looked like in the early days of the ever-evolving Bombay.

Shown in the pictures are the Hotel Majestic and the Waterloo Mansion in various states of evolution. The site is close to the Wellington Fountain, just behind the iconic Taj Mahal Hotel. Hotel Majestic was designed in the Indo-Saracenic architectural style by a Britisher W A Chambers. Designed like a Castle with tall turrets that like its namesake give it a majestic look.

Together with its neighbouring building the Waterloo Mansion exuded a magnificent look. That once became the most frequently photographed location, see 2nd and 3rd images. The Waterloo Mansion like the Hotel Majestic is now a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Mansion looked regal with its four caps although they are found missing in the later years, see images. The once active Colaba Railway Terminus was near to it, and other well-known landmarks like the Prince of Wales Museum, Royal Institute of Science, and Cuffe Parade are close by.

Did you know – that the area once consisted of two islands ‘Colaba‘ and ‘Little Colaba‘, which were then reclaimed to form part of Bombay. 

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hotel majestic & waterloo mansion colaba bombay

hotel majestic & waterloo mansion colaba

hotel majestic & waterloo mansion

hotel majestic & waterloo mansion

colaba bombay