Horse Drawn Tram at Hornby Road Bombay, 1903 Postcard

horse tram flora fountain bombay

A beautiful 1903 postcard of Bombay’s Horse Drawn Tram at Hornby Road. Two horses with their sun protection caps pull a passenger-loaded tram. Another tram’s horse can be partly seen in the opposite direction (also with cap). The sun protection cap became a mandatory accessory for tramway horses at that time. Horses were reported to have collapsed because of extreme heat during their run.

Thus the authorities made it mandatory to provide protection over the horse’s head. The building seen at the back is the Oriental Building, which was remodelled by F W Stevens. Stevens had designed the famous Victoria Terminus building. The Oriental Building was originally occupied by Cathedral High School. It is pivotally located facing Flora Fountain and is at the crossroads of Hornby and Esplanade roads. The iconic Flora Fountain is seen on the left.

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Did you know – British insurance companies were reluctant to insure the lives of Britons living in India. It was when the Oriental Life Insurance Company was established in Calcutta in 1818. 

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