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Gateway of India In Mumbai – Old News Photo 1946

This is an old 1946 photo from a news archive of Gateway of India in Bombay, now Mumbai. The back of this photo shows a newspaper cutting, not sure from which newspaper archive this photo is from. The date stamped Feb 23 1946 (on the cutting) that is before India’s independence. So likely a British Indian newspaper or maybe a foreign newspaper.

Although the visual shown is that of the Gateway of India but the news pertains to mutinous rioting of the Royal Indian Navy sailors. A piece of big news at that time with the British colonialist. But unlike the Indian Revolt of 1857, the Royal Indian Navy mutiny is now almost forgotten.

Read more- Forgotten By History Books: The True Story of the 1946 Naval RIN Mutiny.

The massive arch known as the Gateway of India was erected in 1924. To commemorate the arrival of King George V and Queen Mary in 1911. Constructed of yellow basalt and designed by George Wittet in the Indo-Saracenic style. Perched at the end of Apollo Bunder it serves no practical purpose. But today it is one of the most iconic landmarks. Also notice England’s King George statue near the left edge of the photograph.

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Did you know- the Apollo Bunder does not derive its name from the Greek god– but from a local fish, the palla– that used to be landed here in great numbers. 

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