Domestic Life of Britishers In Colonial India, 1900 Postcard

Domestic Life of Britishers In Colonial India – 2 Old Postcards 1900

Two old 1900 postcards show a glimpse of the domestic life of a Britisher in colonial India. The postcards are titled “Hard Life In India” and “The Morning Shave”. Although the first postcard’s title seems to be a misnomer, the Englishman is perceived to have had a fairly good life in India maybe with the exception of a few.




It is widely believed that there were long queues in England waiting for a posting to India. Not everyone could be considered except for the lucky few. Once in India most likely he would be employed in either the civil services or the military or in a private company. The posting would be in either one of the three presidencies: Bengal, Bombay, or Madras.

Besides these Poona, Bangalore, Lucknow, Delhi, etc were also some of the locations for a posting. Although transfers were mandatory after a certain period of time. Shown in this postcard is an Englishman reclining on a planter’s chair. Busy reading a newspaper, the side table displays a liquor/wine bottle, soda bottle, ashtray, etc. Surely an imperative indulgence for the Britisher. Click on the image for better view.

Did you know – many had Indian mistresses and many went on to marry them. But after the opening of the Suez Canal, a large number of British women arrived eclipsing the Indian mistresses. 

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