Britishers With Early Car Madras Presidency, 1908 Photo

Two old 1908 photos give a rare glimpse of an early car and Britishers on horseback in the Madras Presidency. The location is at the Government House estate in Guindy Madras, now Chennai. In one image a Britisher on horseback can be seen with his car and driver nearby. The other photo shows two Britishers on horseback with the same car in the frame.

It is possible the Britisher in the first photo may have been the Governor of Madras Presidency at the time. Nonetheless, both men are conceivably preparing for either polo or an equestrian sport. Since the Government House (Raj Bhavan) had a vast estate of around 400 to 500 acres. It had facilities for polo playing and equestrian sports.

The beautiful early motor car visible may possibly be the British Standard model. Which at the time was quite popular amongst the British civil servants in Madras. Although likewise was the case with cars like the Sunbeams, Buicks, wolseleys, etc. The Daimlers, Rolls Royces, and so on, were also popular but were of higher price. Click on the photo for better view.

Did you know – Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot of France developed a three-wheeled, steam-powered vehicle in 1769 and this is considered the first automobile.

From the collection – 1964 M. Suriyamoorthy Charcoal Art Abstract (#15)., British India Viceroy At Alwar Palace – Old Photo 1906., Portuguese Church of Santhome In Madras, 1900 PC., King George V’s Coronation Celebration Simla – Old Print 1911.

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