King George V’s Coronation Celebration Simla – Old Print 1911

This is an old print, a page from the 1911 Times of India showing the Coronation Day of King George V in Simla, now Shimla. The top picture shows a fete (a fair) in Annandale also called Annadale. The bottom picture shows then Viceroy of India Lord and Lady Hardinge leaving Christ Church after the service. King George V succeeded the British throne in 1911 after his father Edward VII’s death.

The coronation was held at London’s Westminster Abbey Church on 22 June 1911. Since India was under the British Empire naturally celebrating the succession was imperative throughout the country. The Viceroy was in charge of its functioning, here it was Lord Hardinge. To commemorate the coronation the Delhi Durbar would be held in December 1911.

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Being the summer capital of British India, the government would move to Simla for almost six months in a year. Calcutta (or Kolkata) the actual capital at the time would face extreme heat like other parts of the plains of India. This is why Lord and Lady Hardinge’s presence at this time of the year in Simla as seen in the print. Annadale ground is the biggest and flattest area in Shimla. It was the playground for Britishers who needed little sports and games.  Golf was first played here by the Europeans, so also football and cricket. Besides games, it was used for open-air fete or exhibitions as shown on this page of the 1911 Times of India. Click on the photo for better view.

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Did you know- a British captain named the place “Annandale” after his sweetheart named “Anna”. “Dale” means valley. And over time the extra ‘n’ was added due to the local dialect.

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