British Family on Horse Cart Life In India – Old Photo 1880

This is an old 1880 photo of a British family on a horse cart that showed a glimpse of daily life in British-era India. They seem to be all set for a family outing. In 1880 automobiles did not come into the scene not until the 1900s. And obviously, the most efficient travel was by horse cart or buggies just as seen in the photograph.

Since there were very limited European families in India (except for top-ranking officials or businessmen) photographs like this one are rare to find. The man in the picture appears to be of some standing. Since he retains liveried servants and a huge bungalow that is partially visible in the background.

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Although living in India was not all that luxurious for some European because of tropical diseases, oppressive heat, staying in remoteness, and so on. But despite that, the upper-level lived a comfortable life. But the rewards by way of salary, bungalows, servants were the real motivation. Since expenses were cheap then that in England. Most would retire with a huge fortune.

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Did you know- after reports of the fortunes made by Clive and others filtered back to England, it seemed that everyone wanted a position in India. Bribes were paid to London officials to secure a position.

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11½ x 8 inch

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unknown British photographer