Pune Near Mumbai – Old Print 1875

The print is titled “View of Poona Near Bombay” or as it should be called today “View of Pune Near Mumbai”  this print is a page from The Illustrated London News dating to Nov 13, 1875. It measures 15.5 x 10.5 inches. Called the “Queen of the Deccan” Poona, now Pune lies on the Deccan Plateau.

It had a rich and diverse history. However, control shifted between the Marathas, Adil Shahi dynasty, and the Mughals. And the Maratha’s most illustrious son and hero was Shivaji under their rule.

The city remained under Shivaji’s control for a major part of his life. Read more- Brief History of Pune.

Did you know- in 1818 British East India Company took control of Pune. But after the Sepoy Rebellion in 1857 and like the rest of India it too came under the British crown. The British East India Company was abolished in 1858. 

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