Celebrating Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee In Bombay, 1887 Print

queen victoria golden jubilee

An old 1887 print on the celebration of Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee in Bombay (Mumbai). The Bombay celebrates by illuminating the city in honor of her golden jubilee reign. This print is a page from the French journal “L’Univers Illustre”. The translation reads- Illuminations in Bombay in honor of the Empress of India.

Shops and streets of Bombay seem to be nicely illuminated for the occasion. See also my post- “The Queen’s Jubilee” – Bombay.  “The front-page news report is about Queen Victoria’s golden jubilee celebrations in Mumbai. It was not only in Bombay alone where the celebrations took but also in Calcutta, Madras, Bangalore, Poona, and so on. Queen Victoria became the longest-reigning British Monarch during colonial rule. She ruled for 63 years, but her record was broken, by her great-granddaughter Queen Elizabeth II, who ruled for 70 years.

To read more go to A history of Jubilees.

Did you know- in 1877 Victoria added to her the already lengthy title “Empress of India.”

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