Wedding Chariot With Temple Theme, 1900 Photo

Wedding Chariot With Temple Theme, 1900 Photo

An old 1900 photo of a Hindu couple on a wedding chariot with a temple theme. The chariot is a wedding theme a replica of a temple on a horse cart. This is an interesting photograph of once religiously elaborate wedding themes offering us a glimpse of a bygone era. This scene is probably from Madras, now Chennai, quite common from the early to mid 20th century or maybe earlier.

The Hindu newlyweds are then taken in a procession seated in front just as shown in this photo. The attendant holding the two horses pulling the temple chariot is also visible. Probably getting ready to proceed to the groom’s house in a procession. The couple looks very young possibly below 18 years of age.  Read more- Marriage in Hinduism. Click on the photo for better view.

Did you know- among some ancient Indian tribes, marriage by abduction is the norm. The young man must carry away his lady on his back. 

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