Princely Palaces Of Colonial Delhi – Old Postcard 1939

This is an old 1939 photo postcard showing the once princely palaces of colonial Delhi. Some of them were grand palaces of their rulers like the Nizam’s Palace once considered the richest man in the world. Others although not shown in this postcard were the Baroda Palace (Baroda House), Bikaner Palace (Bikaner House), Jaipur Palace (Jaipur House), etc.

The occupants were wealthy Maharajas whenever they visited the capital. Most of them were converted into state residencies like the Hyderabad House (Telangana), Travancore House (Kerala), J& K House (Kashmir), and so on. Designed by a Britisher Robert Tor Russell, the Teen Murti Bhavan (Commander-In-Chief) was constructed in 1930. As part of the new imperial capital of Delhi project.

Jawaharlal Nehru stayed there (after India’s independence) until his death in 1964. Edwin Lutyens designed the Nizam’s Palace (Hyderabad House) built in 1928. A massive complex on 8.77 acres of land also a part of the new imperial capital project. Travancore House (Travancore Palace) constructed in 1930 again a part of the project.

Kashmir house was the former palace of the Maharaja of Kashmir designed by Edwin Lutyens. The grandest of them all, the Rashtrapati Bhavan previously the Viceregal Lodge or Viceroy’s House or Government House. Designed by the ever-prolific Lutyens, an imposing 340 room building on 320-acre land that took seventeen years to complete. These mansions now exude old-world charm. Notice the British Union Jack Flags. Click on the photo for better view.

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Did you know- the Nizam’s sons intensely disliked the palace, finding it too western in style for their taste, they seldom used it.

From the collection- c1964 M. Suriyamoorthy Charcoal On Paper Lovers (#5)., British Cavalrymen Bangalore Cantonment-Old Photo., Floating Dock British Era Bombay – Old Print 1872., Earliest Motor Car In Colaba Bombay – Old Photograph 1900

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