Vintage Book 1923 – Cochin British & Indian

Book title: Cochin British & Indian
Author: F. S. Davies
Publishers: Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & Co, Ltd, London
Year: 1923
Pages: 192, including illustrations
Dimension: 7½ x 5 Inches

The author F. S. Davies, says this Vintage Book 1923 – Cochin British & Indian is an expansion of Notes on the Cochin State. Written in honour of the state visit of their Excellencies, Lord and Lady Willingdon, in 1920. The author closely followed Achyutha Menon’s Cochin State Manual, which is accurate, exhaustive, and readable. Galletti’s The Dutch in Malabar was indispensable.

He also states from both “I have borrowed unblushingly, to both I acknowledge my indebtedness and the pleasure I have had in more closely studying their work…” It deals with ancient Kerala, the Portuguese, the Dutch, Travancore, Zamorin, Mysorean Invasions, and so on.

The Maharaja at the time was Rama Varma XVI. Cochin, Travancore, and Malabar (under Madras Presidency) unified to form present-day Kerala in 1956. See my posts- Plan Of City Of Cochin 1729 Map., and Vintage Book 1938 – Cochin Calling.

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