Vintage Book – Cochin Calling 1938

Book title: Cochin Calling, A Guide To Cochin

Year: 1938
Pages: 64, including illustrations and two pullout map
Dimension: 8 x 5½ inch

The Government of the then Cochin State ruled by Maharajah Rama Varma had brought out this book. As per its statement- the state is bounded on the north by the British Malabar and on the south by Travancore State.

On its east are the well-known Malaya Hills (the southernmost part of the Western Ghats), while its western shores are washed by the waters of the Arabian Sea. It is one of the most densely peopled areas in the world.

The eastern portion is covered with magnificent forests comprising valuable timber of almost every description. The fauna includes all the larger animals to be seen in Southern India. Elephants, bison, bear, tiger, leopard, sambhar, and ibex, are the many varieties of fauna.

The hunting leopard, hyenas, wolf, fox, monkey, etc are also found, and birds and snakes are abundant. One of the striking features is the all but continuous chain of lagoons or backwaters lying parallel to the coast. And receiving waters of the numerous rivers flowing down from the Western Ghats. Read about Kochi. and Rulers of Kochi.

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