A Pristine Charring Cross In Ooty, 1930 Photo


adam's fountain

Old 1930 photo of a pristine Charring Cross in Ooty. What you are viewing is a Charring Cross in its pristine form. And a closer view of the Adam’s Fountain from a later period postcard. Also known as Charing Cross, both seem to be in common use. It is close to the Botanical Gardens. Shown at the center of the four-way crossroad is the famous Adam’s Fountain. One of the crossroads connects to the famous Commercial Road.

The Adam’s Fountain was built in honor of William Patrick Adam, Governor of Madras Presidency from 1880 to 1881. Although he died in Ooty itself in 1881, he was a very popular governor in his short tenure. The Fountain was initially built facing the District Collector’s office in 1886. But because of water supply problems there, it was relocated to its present site at Charring Cross. Today the junction is slightly chaotic a hash of unorganized traffic, buildings, and shops. Nonetheless, it still has traces of its old-world British charm like few other places at Ooty.

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From the collection-  Antique Photograph Ooty Nilgiris Or Blue Mountains (#2).,  1971 Raja Ravi Varma Commemorative First Day Cover.,  Vintage Postcard Parsi Gymkhana Bombay.  

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