“Views of Madras” Vintage 1900 Pictorial Book

views of madrasviews of madras book


A rare vintage 1900 pictorial book titled “Views of Madras”. Oddly, it does not have an inner title page, nor there is an index page or forward. However, it was published by “Nicholas & Co, Madras” which is imprinted on the back cover. Nicholas & Co. was one of the biggest and best-known photographers in South India during British times. This 14 x 12 inch with 28 pages book imparts some rare views of Madras (Chennai) and its environs.

Some are of the Spencer & Co departmental store’s inner and outer views on Mount Road. The view from the Madras Pier., Government House, Guindy., The Marina., The Cricket Club., The Bank of Madras, formerly the Imperial Bank, now known as the State Bank of India., Trams on the Esplanade., Post and Telegraph office, later known as the Madras General Post Office., etc.

Madras was governed by the British from 1639 onwards to 1947. A fort (Fort St George) was built to protect their commercial interest from the Portuguese, French, and local chieftains. It is believed that British rule began from Madras slowly spreading out to the entire India over time.

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