Looking Towards Sea From Fort St George Madras, 1880 Photo

Looking Towards Sea From Fort St George Madras, 1880 Photo


Looking towards the sea from Fort St George in Madras as shown in this rare photo of 1880. A seemingly never-seen-before photo from inside Fort St George facing the sea. One of the main attractions is surely the 150-feet flag mast. Hoisted probably with the East India Company’s flag or the Union Jack at the time. The towering 150-feet teakwood flag mast is the tallest in India.

The mast was first erected in Fort St George on the orders of Elihu Yale, then governor of Madras, in 1687. It comprises of three tiers, the bottommost is a massive teak beam. The teakwood mast was replaced with a metal one in 1994. Cannons are shown dotting the base, perhaps once a part of deadly battles. While looking towards the sea, steamer ships can be spotted near the Madras Harbour.

Did you know – that the tall flag mast was originally erected in front of the Sea Gate (seen in the picture). Then moved to the northeastern ramparts in the 1770s and returned to its position opposite the Sea gate a few years later. 

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