Landing Troops From HMS Dufferin At Madras Port, 1905 PC

madras port

reverse of postcard

Old 1905 photo postcard that shows the landing of troops at Madras Port from the HMS Dufferin in 1905. An interesting postcard from the British era that gives a glimpse of troop movement. Rapid troop movement was an important logistic task during colonial times. It is precisely the reason why the railway was first introduced into India.

Lord Dalhousie was instrumental in approving the introduction of the railways in India. Chiefly for the rapid movement of troops across the Indian sub-continent. Despite the majority of the British administration opposing it tooth and nail. Shown here is the “T” shaped iron pier from where a soldier and his horse are being winched up. They are ferried by masula boats to and fro from a ship anchored in deep waters. The HMS Dufferin is probably the ship shown in the background.

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Did you know –  in 1925 the “Dufferin” was scheduled to be sold for scrap. But destiny saved her for a better role, she became the first Maritime Training Institution in India till 1972. 

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