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View Of Bombay From Rajabai Clock Tower – 2 Old Postcard

There are two old postcards of Bombay, now Mumbai with a view from the Rajabai Clock Tower. The postcards date from 1906 and 1915. The Mumbai harbour and fort area, with partially visible Watson’s Hotel, and the Esplanade (1906). The Prince of Wales Museum or The Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya is shown in the 1915 postcard. 

The Fort area actually had a Fortification called Fort George. Built by the British in 1769. To protect against any impending attacks from the French, Moghuls, Marathas, and pirates. But by the mid 19th century the fortification was demolished to make way for more space. But the name ‘Fort’ stuck to the area till today.

Watson’s Esplanade Hotel was completely built from cast iron. So unique for its period that it was called the birdcage. Imported from England in 1867 in dismantled form. And fully set up in 1869 in its present area.

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The Esplanade or maidaan was an empty piece of land for recreation or for gatherings. Exhibitions were regularly held here in the British India era period. The hotel got its middle name “Esplanade” from this maidaan that is visible in this picture. I’m not sure if this ground still exists today.

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Did you know- in 1725 Bhika Behram built a well that is still located at the southern end of the maidaan. Behram a Parsi built the well for travelers to quench their thirst. Astonishingly this well has a continual source of sweet water despite the surrounding place having brackish and saline water due to its closeness to the sea. The Parsi community has declared it a sacred and heritage site.

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