Great Western Hotel Bombay, 1900 Postcard

Great Western Hotel Bombay, 1900 Postcard

A 1900 postcard of the Great Western Hotel in Bombay (Mumbai). Situated in South Mumbai, this great hotel with its massive building served many purposes. It was once the residence of the governor of Bombay and the residence of the Commander in Chief of the Indian Fleet from 1770–1795. By 1800 it was used as The Recorder’s Courthouse till 1878. It was then sold quite a few times.

At one time the original porch was dismantled for road widening. By 1883 it was bought for setting up a hotel and this building was redesigned by the then renowned architect S M N Chandabhoy. A new five-storied annex was added to the hotel in 1890 that is not seen in this postcard. The Great Western closed down in the 1960s, the rooms were subdivided and each was rented out for office purposes.

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Did you know- the oldest foreigner in Mumbai was a Japanese woman Kazuko Takashaki aged 90 years.

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