Star Of India Flag & United Service Club – Old Postcard 1900

This is an unusual vintage postcard dating to around the 1900s. It shows the Star Of India Flag with an inset image of the United Service Club. The star of India is a group of flags that were in use in the British colonial era. There were many variants but this particular one was for the Viceroy and Governor-General and other high dignitaries of the raj. It was in use from 1885 to 1947.

As a sign of dominance by the raj, Princely States had to fly a British flag side by side with their own. The official Union Jack was flown till 1947. The United Service Club had a long history. It was once located in Chowringhee Road, now Jawaharlal Nehru Road Kolkata. Opened in 1845 it was initially called The Bengal Military Club.

And exclusively reserved for the elite of the British army and civil officers. It closed down after independence because of an acute case of snobbishness and pride. Comprising of top wrung officers of the British Military and Naval establishment. It was for a comfortable stay, games, library, food, drink, and so on meant for military and naval personnel.

They continued as British-only even after independence this exclusivity led to its ultimate closure in 1949. See my post- United Service Club Calcutta – Old Postcard 1903.

Did you know- this flag was not the Viceroy’s personal flag; it was also used by Governors, Lieutenant Governors, and Chief Commissioners in India. 

From the collection- 1964 M. Suriyamoorthy Charcoal Art Abstract (#16).,  Old Postcard – Railway Station & Steam Locomotive, Belgaum., 1948 Mumbai Great Cyclone – Two Old Newspaper Pages.,  Vintage 1945 Book – The Story Of Fort St George

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