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City of Cowlang or Kollam In South India – Antique Map 1750

This is an antique map of Cowlang or Kollam in South India from around the 1750s. At that time part of the southern end of the Malabar Coast. Also known as Quilon was a trading post of the Portuguese in the 16th century. Kollam has a long history of trading with foreigners that goes back to ancient times.

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The Phoenicians, Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, Chinese, maritime traders visited this coastal town. After the discovery of the maritime route to Calicut (Kozhikode) in search of pepper by the Portuguese. It was the start of colonialism in India. The Dutch and the British would follow suit arriving in India at different periods.

The exploration and discovery of most other parts of the world was the consequence (linked directly or indirectly) to the search for Malabar pepper.

There was a mad scramble from the Europeans to get their fair share of exotic spices, calico, and muslin cloths. That led the Dutch, British, and French to India. This map shows the city of Kollam in South India with the fort possibly at the time of Portuguese domination. The map measures- 17 x 16 inches.

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Did you know- Pliny the elder had mentioned the port city of Quilon very accurately. 

From the collection-Raja Ravi Varma’s “Birth of Shakuntala” Oleograph 1894., Steam Tram of Calcutta – Rare Postcard 1900., View of The Iron Pier From Parry’s Madras – Old Photo 1895., Bombay Fort And Harbour – Old Map/Plan 1754

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