2 Old Photos – Eden Gardens & William Peel Statue Kolkatta

There are two old photos of Eden Gardens one shows the statue of Sir William Peel in Calcutta, now Kolkatta. Photo dates to 1870. Calcutta’s Grand Maidan or Esplanade as the British called it was first called “Auckland Circus Garden”. Afterwards renamed to Eden Gardens after Lord Auckland’s sisters Emily and Fanny Eden. Lord Auckland was the Governor of Calcutta from 1836-42.

The Garden opened as Calcutta’s huge public park and garden in 1840. The once world-famous cricket stadium of the same name opened in 1864 that came up in this location. Captain Sir William Peel (1824-1858) was the son of the then Prime Minister Sir Robert Peel. Best known for his adventurous spirit he joined the Crimean war proving his bravery and was-

awarded the Victoria Cross. While he was on his way to China with British troops to fight in the opium war they were diverted midway to Lucknow. This was to put down the Indian rebellion that ensued there in 1857. And was badly wounded in the battle where he played an important role in the battle. He was sent back to England and on his way back by rail he-

contracted smallpox, died at Kanpur at the age of 34 years. His statue was removed long after India’s independence. See also my post- Statue of Lord Canning First Viceroy of India 1870.

Did you know- Sir William wrote a book A Ride through the Nubian Desert detailing his accounts of the adventure he had through the desert in 1852. 

From the collection- 1964 M. Suriyamoorthy Charcoal Art Abstract (#12).,  Antique Calicut Logs On The River Kallai.,  Antique Print Bombay Khada Parsi Statue 1880.,  Vintage Postcard Elephants Decorated In Malabar 1910.,  Vintage Postcard Railway Station Ahmednagar 1905

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