Railway Station Ahmednagar – Old Postcard 1905

This is an old 1905 postcard of a lesser-known British Indian Railway town of Ahmednagar. The Ahmednagar Railway Station was opened by the Great Indian Peninsula Railway (GIPR) in around 1878.

Primarily to aid the rapid military troop and supplies movement across peninsular India at the time of British rule. I had not heard much about the place until I received this Postcard. And delving deeper, Ahmednagar indeed had some sort of a history of its own.

The town was founded by Malik Ahmed Nizam Shah in 1494 after whom the city was named. Malik Ahmed Nizam Shah on defeating the Bahamani Sultanate founded the city with a Fort on the very spot of the battlefield.

He also founded a new Sultanate the “Nizam Shahi Dynasty”. Considered to be impregnable at its time, the Fort was the headquarters of the Nizam Shahi Sultanate. In 1803 at the time of the Second Anglo-Maratha War, the British seized the Fort.

Read more on- Ahmed nagar. Some important trains that pass through the Ahmednagar Rail way Station are from Goa to New Delhi, Bengaluru to New Delhi, Mysuru to New Delhi, and so on.

Did you know- The British in 1944 confined Jawaharlal Nehru in one of the rooms in the Fort along with other Indian nationalists. And it was here Nehru wrote “The Discovery of India”.  

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