Old Photo – Statue of Lord Canning First Viceroy of India 1870

This is one of the earliest photos of Lord Canning’s statue Viceroy of India dating to 1870. During the Indian rebellion of 1857, he was the Governor-General (1856-58). He became the first Viceroy (1858-62) after Britain abolished the East India Company.  The Viceroy also known as Viscount Canning.

Skilfully handled the Indian rebellion of 1857, and helped in the smooth transfer of power from the East India Company to the British Crown under Queen Victoria. He had some notable achievements in his tenure. Most notable of them was that he helped found the Universities Calcutta (now Kolkatta), Bombay (Mumbai), and Madras (Chennai).

And helped in the expansion of the Railways, formed the Imperial Civil Service now known as the Indian Civil Service. Lord Canning was distraught after his beloved wife Lady Charlotte Elizabeth died after contracting malaria. He resigned in 1862 and he himself would pass away eight months later.

J H Foley and J Brook sculpted the bronze equestrian mounted statue as seen in this photo. A local native is also visible resting on the steps.

Did you know-  in 1969 the statue was relocated from Calcutta to the banks of the Hooghly to where his wife lay buried. 

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