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Madras Club In British India Era – Old Photo 1898

This is an old 1898 photogravure photo of the British India era’s Madras Club. Started in 1832 it is today the second oldest Club in India. Over the next 173 years, it was to occupy three homes in Madras, now Chennai.

Each a landmark, each a niche in architectural history, each a building with a story to tell. The changes were an integral part of the evolution to what it is today one of the leading clubs in the country. By the year 1862, its membership grew to nearly 3000.

This required more space and the management acquired more property of 4-acre and took in lease another 5-acres of land. It took no time for the club to be known as the distinguished among clubs in India.

Read about Madras Club History.

Did you know- it is also the oldest social club of southern India, also known as the “Ace of Clubs”

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