Improvement Trust Office Bombay – Old Postcard 1910

This is an old 1910 postcard of the Improvement Trust Office, in Bombay, now Mumbai. The COVID-19 virus brings back a grim reminder of the almost forgotten Bombay’s bubonic plague.

The plague ravaged Mumbai from c1896 to 1897, killing thousands of people. In their urgency, the British government took oppressive steps in controlling the plague. Despite it, the plague killed around 50,000 people in Bombay alone.

And 3 lakh people died in the whole of India. A committee constituted the Bombay City Improvement Trust Office for this very reason. However, it did excellent work by improving the hygiene and living conditions of the city and its people.

Read about Bombay City Improvement Trust.

Notice the electric tram and a vintage car in the picture. The advertisement board on the Tram reads “Remington Means Typewriter.”

Did you know- Like the COVID-19, the bubonic plague too was thought to have spread from China via Hong Kong through flea-infected rats on the merchant ships. 

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