Colaba Barracks During British Era Bombay – 2 Postcards 1905

colaba barracks

Two 1905 postcards of the British military barracks at Colaba during British Era Bombay (Mumbai). The purpose of the military barracks was for the accommodation of the soldiers since this was the period of WWI. The Colaba barracks ground accommodated smaller troops for short periods. The accommodation was either in the barrack quarters (see postcard) or in tents.

That included the 1st Wireless Signal Squadron, Mesopotamian Expeditionary Forces. But in the 1850s the barracks were wooden and it caught fire and burned down. It was later rebuilt but unfortunately, yet again it caught fire and burnt down. The then Governor of Bombay was so enraged with the carelessness of the men.

That he meted out punishment by packing them off to the nearby woods (a forested area). To avoid further disasters permanent barracks were built as shown in this postcard. The barracks building still exists today called the Nest. It is used for the accommodation of defense officers when in a transient halt in Mumbai.

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Did you know- in 1926 Bombay was the first city in India to start a bus service. 

From the collection- 1971 Raja Ravi Varma Commemorative First Day Cover., Vintage Map Phases of Fort St George Chennai., Viceroy Of India Lord Irwin – Old Photo 1930.,  Old Book – Old Delhi 10 Easy Walks 1997