Horniman Circle In British Era Bombay, 1890 Photo

Horniman Circle In British Era Bombay, 1890 Photo

Old 1890 photo of the Elphinstone Circle or Horniman Circle in British era Bombay (Mumbai). Bombay Fort’s walls were demolished under the orders of Sir Bartle Frere in the 1860s. Since Bombay’s security was no longer under threat from the foreign and local invaders. And also that the British Crown took control of India from the East India Company in 1858.  In place of a part of the Fort, a  circular garden surrounded by circular buildings was constructed. Named Elphinstone Circle after Lord John Elphinstone who was then the Governor.

And renamed Horniman Circle in 1947 after Benjamin Guy Horniman, a former editor of the Bombay Chronicle newspaper. He was an active participant in India’s freedom movement. The commercial building around the garden became the city’s first planned business district designed by James Scott, Chief Engineer. The Bank of Bombay, now the State Bank Of India occupied the first building. The rest of the buildings were completed in 1873.  The Asiatic Society, Mumbai, Flora Fountain, St Thomas Cathedral are some of the landmarks that lie close by.

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Did you know- the verdant garden that lies amongst a concrete jungle is still functioning from 10 am to 7.30 pm. 

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