End Of British Raj In India Last Battalion Parade, 1948 Print

An old 1948 print captioned End of British Raj in India: The Last Battalion of the British Army…This clipping is from a Jan 10, 1948 newspaper not entirely sure which. The title reads- “The End of The British Raj: The Last Battalions of The British Army To Be Stationed In Delhi Parading In The Forecourt of Government House On December 19.” 

After 90 years service in the capital city of Delhi, the British Army finally stood down on December 19. Three Battalions stationed in Delhi, paraded in the forecourt of the Government House (Rashtrapati Bhavan). Viceroy Mountbatten (seen in center), took the Royal salute. Inspected the parade, and addressed the men. Conveying to them at the request of Pandit Nehru, the thanks and best wishes of the Government of India.

The Battalions marched in quick time out of the main gates. Thus another page of history was turned. The East India Company was the first English colonizer in the country. Ruling from 1785 until the Indian Rebellion of 1857. Consequent to the deadly conflict the East India Company was dissolved. The British Crown then took direct control of the country till 1947. Thus this print showcases the End Of the British Raj In India with its Last Battalion Parade. Click on the photo for better view.

Did you know – the English established their first trading post at Surat in 1612. So in effect, they were in the country for over 300 years.  

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