M F Hussain Painting – Air India Advertising Postcard 1960

This is an old 1960 Air-India advertising postcard displaying M F Hussain’s Ragamala Painting. Since the time Tata’s owned Air-India they encouraged art and culture especially paintings of upcoming artists. Likewise, M F Hussain was an upcoming artist in 1960 when “Ragamala” was acquired by them. See also my post- Air-India Postcard Durbar Of The Rajah Of Travancore.

Taj Hotels under the group too encouraged art and culture. There may only a few who are not aware of M F Hussain today, he was one of India’s greatest painters. Read more on- M.F. Husain Biography. Advertising on postcards was an innovative way of brand advertisement much before the arrival of online social media. This was because of the steep cost of the usual advertisements through newspapers or TV or even radio.

The postcard was found to be the best alternative, it was a cheap and cost-effective method that too with immense reach. And was similar to Instagram of today.

Did you know- Austria brought out the first government postcards in 1869, however, the idea of government postcards did not originate here. The idea originated from Germany, as a result of the efforts of postal official Dr. Heinrich von Stephan. 

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