Delhi Secretariat Buildings Under Construction – 2 Postcards 1924

Delhi Secretariat Buildings Under Construction - 2 PCs 1924

Delhi Secretariat Buildings Under Construction - 2 PCs 1924

Two rare photo postcards from the 1920s showing the Secretariat Buildings under construction in New Delhi. Both the postcards apparently show brisk construction work underway, notice both the huge domes are under construction. It had been decided in 1912 that the twin government buildings (secretariat buildings) to be designed by Henry Baker.

Completed in 1927 the twin secretariats also called North and South Blocks face each other and in between is the Viceroy’s House, now the Rashtrapati Bhavan. Both North and South Blocks have remained in their original use to this day. However, the real power now resides in the circular Indian Parliament Building also designed by Henry Baker.

The two vast Secretariat buildings, each three storied high and nearly half a kilometer long, housed every administrative department of the Government of India. Their dominating hilltop position was meant to impress Indians and indeed to inspire a sense of reverence. Designed originally as cold-season offices.

The Secretariats were constructed without the continuous verandahs which usually served in India as sun shields. Instead, windows were kept small in proportion to wall area, and their glass was deep-set in thick walls away from high rays of the sun. See also New Delhi The New Capital of India, Old Print 1931.

Did you know- Edwin Lutyens and Baker ended up in a bitter battle. Lutyens never spoke to Baker again and not even permitting his children to speak to the Baker children when they were all on the same ship to England. 

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