Inauguration of New Parliament Delhi – Old Print 1927

An old 1927 print, a page from the French weekly “L’illustration” depicts the inauguration of the new Parliament in Delhi. Edwin Lutyens and Henry Baker two British architects were assigned the planning of the new capital. Spread across five acres of land this circular building is 570 feet in diameter, with 144 tall pillars of 27 feet high. Lutyens and Baker clashed over the location and shape of the Council House, later to become India’s Parliament House.

Baker’s plan was an equilateral triangle, the three sides of the wings to house the three chambers. The Legislative Assembly (now the Lok Sabha), the Council of State (now Rajya Sabha), and the Chamber of Princes (now the library). The chambers then linked to a central imposing dome. Lutyens put his foot down, he would not agree with the triangular design of Henry Baker.

It was Lutyens’s circular design that would get the go-ahead by the “New Capital Committee.” And it is this circular design that we see as the Parliament House in Delhi today. See images of the two proposed Councils Houses taken from a book. The four pictures in this weekly reveal the various activities on the inauguration day. Including the presentation of one of the architects to the Viceroy Lord Irwin and Lady Irwin. Also visible is the Maharaja of Patiala Bhupinder Singh with his son.

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Did you know- both architects were great friends once but their friendship got so strained by the time the planning of Delhi was completed.

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