Construction of India’s Parliament House In Delhi, Old Print 1924

A rare 1924 newspaper clipping shows the construction of India’s Parliament House in Delhi. Delhi became the new capital technically in 1911. When King George V announced it in the Delhi Durbar. Work commenced in the making of the new capital in 1912. Edwin Lutyens and Herbert Baker were the two British architects entrusted with the mammoth task.

The Council House now called the Parliament House is shown here in the early stages of construction. A railway track runs around the entire circumference of the structure to transport materials. Edwin Lutyens pushed his case on the design of the Parliament Building. Thus emerged a circular plan that harmonized with the hexagonal layout of the city.

Notice the three chambers emerging that are aligned on the inner circumference of the building. These are the Council of State (now Rajya Sabha), Legislative Assembly (now Lok Sabha), and Chamber of Princes (now the Library). And coming up in the center in between the three chambers is the Central Hall. Herbert Baker’s plan was an equilateral triangle, with the three sides of the wings to house the three chambers. Which he had to abandon. If this plan had been cleared, the Indian Parliament building would have looked very different today. Click on the image for better view.

Did you know – completed in 1926, it took six years to finish the work on the Indian Parliament building.

From the collection – Raja Ravi Varma’s Portrait Photo – Old Postcard 1904., Looking Towards Madras Harbour & Parry’s 1880.

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