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Charlie Chaplin Signed Photo And Gandhi – 2 Old Photos

Two old photographs of Charlie Chaplin one as actor-director the other with Mahatma Gandhi. As actor-director, you can see him in action in this 1975 black & white photograph that has his autograph on the back. The photograph is from the 1970 tv clip “Masters of the Silent Screen”.

It was a documentary on comedians of the silent era. The TV show featured clips from the comedy artistes films with biographical information. Chaplin had met Mahatma Gandhi in London in 1931. The photo postcard shows the great comedian with the mahatma.

Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi had also called on him when they had visited Switzerland in 1953. So perhaps there is an Indian connection in one way or the other with the great Charly Chaplin.

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This autograph may have been taken after he was knighted in 1975. He died in Switzerland in 1977. 

Did you know- Just a few months after the great comedian’s death, two robbers stole his coffin from a cemetery and sought a ransom of $600,000 from his wife. The clumsy thieves were soon caught,  and the coffin recovered.

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