Buckingham Canal Old Waterway of Madras, 1900 PC

An old 1900 postcard of the Buckingham Canal an old waterway of Madras (Chennai). A rare photo showing the Buckingham Canal passing through lush greenery in the city. The River Adyar, Cooum, and Buckingham Canal were once thriving navigable waterways of the city.

Apparently, this is no longer a reality because of the high pollution and narrowness in many places of the rivers. The Buckingham Canal at one time was navigable from Kakinada in the north to Mahabalipuram in the south. Many older people in Madras would remember trips to Mahabalipuram by boat before India’s independence. But in many areas especially adjacent to the Chennai Central Station the waterway has narrowed and has almost dried up.

Did you know- this waterway was constructed during British rule in 1806 to transport food grain and other cargo to Madras. 

From the collection- 1964 M. Suriyamoorthy Charcoal Art Abstract (#16)., Tennis In Coonoor Nilgiri Hills Ooty 1894- Old Photograph., Prince of Wales George V Tour of India, Old Print 1906., Vintage Photo Cochin State Forest Tramway 1919.