Senate House & Cooum River Madras, 1920 Postcard

Senate House & Cooum River Madras, 1920 Postcard 

An old 1920 photo postcard that shows the Senate House and Cooum River in Madras, now Chennai. The Senate house is on the left and faintly visible on the right is the tower of the Chepauk Palace. Although an 1879 photo of the Senate House, showed its surroundings neat and clean, and the Cooum River sparkling.

However in this 1920 picture, the surroundings look unkempt and unmaintained, and the river looks somewhat lifeless. This is the back of the Senate House, and the front side faces the famous Marina Beach and promenade. The Madras University Senate House, as it was called, was designed by Robert Chisholm, in the Indo-Saracenic style of architecture.

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Did you know- the Chepauk Palace was built by Paul Benfield, an engineer, with the East India Company in 1768. The design was that of the Indo-Saracenic style, which the Chepauk Palace, was the first to incorporate in India.

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