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Cooum River In Chennai – Old Photo 1880

This is an old 1880 photo of the Cooum River in Madras now Chennai. Once a clean and prominent River flowing through the heart of the city of Madras today a filthy sewage carrier. Shown in this photo is a seemingly clean-looking river with country boats plying a sight impossible to see now. See also a man fishing on the side and farming on the banks of the river once a common sight.

Today it is unimaginable that this same Cooum was an artery of clean water in Chennai. Read more- On The Trail In Chennai. See my post- Buckingham Canal In Chennai – Old Print 1922. 

Did you know- the Cooum River derives its name from a village of the same name from where it originates 70 km away from Chennai. 

From the collection- Raja Ravi Varma’s “Birth of Shakuntala” Oleograph of c1894.,  Antique Photo Bangalore Cantonment Area 1880.,  Vintage Postcard Malabar Carpenters 1910.,   Vintage Print Bombay Suburban Line Electrifies.,  Rare Nilgiri Mountain Railway Steam Locomotive Drawing

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