Vintage Photo Cochin State Forest Tramway 1919

This is a small vintage photo of the Cochin, now Kochi State Forest Tramway 1919. See my post- Vintage Book 1938 – Kochi Calling The Cochin Tramway founded in 1903 was solely for the purpose of tapping the vast virgin forests from Chalakudy to Parambikulam. For the need for proper transportation valuable timber could not be accessed from there.

Remember trucks and other heavy motor vehicles had not made an entry yet. It is when conveying by light rail was thought of. The construction of the Tramway line was a difficult piece of engineering. A steam-driven tram was introduced, it had to go through an unsurveyed tract of rugged land and covered by dense woodland.

The service was stopped in 1963. Also, see this more in pictures. Visible in this bit worn photo is the steep gradient and perhaps people connected with the tram service.

Did you know- there were thick dense forests in Kerala more than 100 years ago which were systematically cut for their valuable timber of teak, rosewood, mahogany, and so on by the British. It was so denuded and depleted that what you see in the forests of today is just a small percentage of a bygone era. 

From the collection- Old Photographs Kerala Village & Backwaters.,  Vintage Print Worli Fort Bombay 1930s.,  Postcard British India Military Parade.,  c1964 M. Suriyamoorthy Charcoal Art Abstract (#1). 

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