Britishers In Hand Pulled Rickshaws Mumbai, 1914

This is an old 1914 photo of Britishers seated in two hand-pulled rickshaws in Bombay, now Mumbai. Shown are two Britishers, a man, and a woman riding on hand-pulled rickshaws somewhere in Bombay. The hand-pulled rickshaw apparently faded from Bombay’s cityscape possibly after the introduction of the horse-drawn Victoria Carriage.

An iconic symbol of Kolkata’s conveyance system, it was first used in Simla in 1880. It was introduced to Kolkata at the beginning of the twentieth century. And adapted quickly throughout the country even in South India by 1910. No animal power or motive power was required for the rickshaw just simply raw human power.  A runner would pull the rickshaw carrying the passenger sometimes at a great speed depending on his age and agility. Since this was a simple contraption but inexpensive and popular. Notwithstanding that it creates a cringeworthy sight today. Click on the photo for better view.

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Did you know- it was first invented in Japan in the 1860s, then rapidly spread to other countries where it became an inexpensive and popular mode of conveyance. 

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