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Britishers Gather At Lalbagh Bangalore – Old Photo 1898

This is an old 1898 photograph of Britishers who have gathered at Lalbagh in Bangalore or Bengaluru. An unusual image of what looks like the upper crust of Britishers gathered at Bangalore’s Lalbagh in their horse carriages. That includes men and womenfolks seated in single and tandem type horse carriages. It curiously consists of tandems of six-horses, four-horses, and two-horses.

Also visible are Indian attendants and bystanders. A handwritten note on the bottom reads “Tandem Meet in the Lal Bagh, Bangalore, March 1898.” Possibly all set for a long trip on the varied horse carriages. Lalbagh officially recorded as a colonial-era government botanical garden in 1856. It was first commissioned by Haider Ali the virtual ruler of Mysore in 1760.

His son Tipu Sultan had it completed at the time of his rule. After the defeat of Tipu Sultan in the Anglo-Mysore war of 1799, all of Tipu’s properties fell into the hands of the British rulers. One of them being the Lalbagh. The most prominent landmark in the garden is the Glass House completed in 1889 and modeled on London’s Crystal Palace.

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This is a never seen before rare photograph of British Indian life.

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Did you know- the 240-acre botanical garden situated in the heart of Bengaluru has a bird-watching site, bonsai garden, a nursery for the sale of plants, and so on.

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