British Military Parade At Cantonment Bangalore, 1915 Photo

British Military Parade At Cantonment Bangalore, 1915 Photo

Old 1915 photo of a British military regimental parade at Cantonment in Bangalore (Bengaluru). The photo shows smartly turned-out soldiers and officers at the parade. See also spectators in the foreground mainly British ladies seated with brollies looking on. This seems like a military function at the Cantonment in Bengaluru near to quarter of the last century.

See my post- Vintage Photo Bangalore British Regiment Parade 1928.  The Anglo-Mysore Wars battling Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan gave the British opportunity to seize the Bangalore Fort. Because of its strategic location and cool weather they would make Bengaluru an important military base. Full-fledged cantonment and military offices, units, and residential areas would come up here.

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Did you know- founded in 1758, the Madras Regiment is the oldest regiment of the Indian Army.

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