Old Postcard – Plan View Of The Town Of Cochin 1928

This is a 1928 postcard of the plan of Cochin, now Kochi from a 1778 map. It was drawn by a Frenchman Laffitte De Brassier. The text is in French translated it reads- “Original plan in colors and view of the town of Kochi on the coast of Malabar (India), by Laffitte de brassier – 1778. archives of the minister of colonies.”

Malabar is now in the present day Kerala state. There were no French colonies in Kerala except for Mahe which was part of Pondicherry under French rule. Today it is one of Pondicherry’s districts that lie in Kerala state. The postcard’s plan view of the town of Cochin shows the outline of Fort Cochin and the entrance to the harbour.

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Did you know- occupied by the Portuguese in 1503, Kochi would be the first of the European colonies in India. 

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