British India Military Parade – Old Postcard 1930

This is an old 1930 photo postcard of a military parade somewhere in British India. Perhaps in Bangalore or Hyderabad although not entirely sure. But these places were the hub of British military activities.

Between 1942 and 1945, some 2 lakh US army forces came to India. To support the British India army in northeast India from the advancing Japanese. It was imminent that the Japanese would advance into India since they had captured Burma.

But it was not known as to how they would enter India by air or by land. Ultimately the Japanese army who were to enter India first advanced through the Northeast region. Here the great “Battle of Kohima and Imphal” took place. Fought by the British and Indian armies against the Japanese.

The US army gave the logistic and other support. The battle was bloody but drove back the advancing Japanese army out of India. Read more about the Battle of Kohima .

Did you know- India supplied men and materials in WW1 and WW2 under the British. Millions of Indian men sacrificed their lives valiantly in these two World Wars. 

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