Flood Scene In 19th Century Mumbai – Old Print 1868

This old print shows an image of Bombay or Mumbai Monsoon Floods. The page is from The Illustrated London News, of Oct 3, 1868. Measures 16 x 11 in. The title reads The Floods In India: Scene In The Streets Of Bombay. The location is possibly from Girgaum or Girgaon area of Bombay. The entire place seems to be lashed with heavy rains and the homes and buildings almost submerged in the floodwaters.

It seems to be no different from the present age floods that occur in Mumbai almost frequently. Originally Bombay comprised of seven islands that were united into a huge landmass by reclamation by the British. It may be a possibility because of the ups and downs of the level of the land that does not allow the proper drainage of water into the sea. Hence causing floods in most rainy seasons although this is one theory.

There are other possibilities that can be read in Rs 14,000 crore lost to floods in 10 years

Did you know-  the highest rain in India was 1,168 mm in Lakshadweep in 2004 a new Indian record. Mumbai witnessed 944mm of heavy rains in 2005 with 500 people dying in the floods that ensued.

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