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First Motor Car Rally In British India- Old Print 1904

An old 1904 print of the first motor car rally in British India from Delhi to Bombay, now Mumbai. This is a page from the “L’Illustration” a French newspaper dated 7 January 1905. It reports about the first motor car rally in India which was held from 26 December 1904 to 2 January 1905. The English translation reads- “Automobile In The Country Of Rajahs The Race From Delhi To Bombay.”

The text under the pictures read — Group of cars competing at the Kalyan stage (40 miles from Bombay)—The victorious car, driven by M. L. Sorel—The automobile a car passing, on a ferry, a river that cuts the road. The newspaper page shows rare pictures of the earliest automobiles of Bombay at the turn of the century.

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Scroll down and you will spot a 1904 picture titled- First Motorsport Event: 1904 the starters at the first motor rally in India. Most likely the same as shown in this post. See the beautiful automobiles lined up at the start. I would wonder about the astonishing range of makers and models available even at the turn of the century.

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Did you know- 55 percent of the cars in the world in 1916 were Ford Model T. Which is an unbroken record till today.

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