First Motor Car Rally In British India, Old Print 1904

An old 1904 print of the first motor car rally in British India from Delhi to Bombay, now Mumbai. This is a page from the “L’Illustration” a French newspaper dated 7 January 1905. It reports about the first motor car rally in India which was held from 26 December 1904 to 2 January 1905. The English translation reads- “Automobile In The Country Of Rajahs The Race From Delhi To Bombay.”

The text under the pictures read — Group of cars competing at the Kalyan stage (40 miles from Bombay)—The victorious car, driven by M. L. Sorel—The automobile a car passing, on a ferry, a river that cuts the road. The newspaper page shows rare pictures of the earliest automobiles of Bombay at the turn of the century.

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Scroll down and you will spot a 1904 picture titled- First Motorsport Event: 1904 the starters at the first motor rally in India. Most likely the same as shown in this post. See the beautiful automobiles lined up at the start. I would wonder about the astonishing range of makers and models available even at the turn of the century. Click on the photo for better view

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Did you know- 55 percent of the cars in the world in 1916 were Ford Model T. Which is an unbroken record till today.

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