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Bombay Car Rally Vintage Cars – Old Print 1906

An old print of a Bombay Car Rally in 1906 with an impressive assembly of vintage cars. The print is from a 1906 German magazine. Translated the title reads- From automobile sport in India: Begin the reliability run Bombay – Mahabaleshwar and back January 1906. Apparently, it implied driving from Bombay, now Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar and back in 1906. This is undoubtedly a rare picture of vintage motor cars. All impressively assembled in one place in the British era of Mumbai in the year 1906.

An astonishing variety of automobiles lined up that too at the turn of the century. Almost all participants seem European with exception of few Indians see the right side car in the front. And possibly there are some more Indian participants at the back. None of them seem to be daunted by the long drive to Mahabaleshwar in their convertibles. Vaguely visible at the back is perhaps a fire engine to help out in any eventuality. Also visible are some European women participants see the front left side and maybe more at the back. A line of local bystanders is also visible in the picture.

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Did you know- the first road-worthy cars didn’t come with a steering wheel. Instead, they had a lever that not only looked like a joystick but also functioned like one.

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