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Parsi Beauty Mumbai – Old Postcard 1908

This is an old photo postcard of a Parsi beauty of Bombay or Mumbai dating to 1908. The Parsis are originally Persians (Iranians) and are followers of Zoroaster (Zarathustra) by religion. Their reputation as a special people, a race of Wise Men and teachers, goes back into antiquity. The Magi, the ‘Three Kings’ of Christian legend, were Parsis.

About the year 650 AD they left Persia to escape religious persecution and settled in Gujarat, on the western coast of India. They retained their customs and religious practices. They were still there when the British came to Surat a thousand years later. Once Bombay started reclamation from seven islands to a single landmass taking 2½ centuries.

Various communities in and around were encouraged to start businesses and settle down in Mumbai by the British East India Company. Out of them, the Parsis were one of the first to settle down starting businesses in various trades. It is undeniable that the Parsis were one of the major forces that shaped Mumbai. Unlike other Indian womenfolk, the Parsi womenfolk were more educated.

And had a more advanced lifestyle than others that was somewhat comparable to the British. Today the Parsis are the wealthiest minority. See my post- Vintage Postcard of Parsi Fire Temple Bombay.

Did you know- the Parsis were initially shipbuilders in Bombay and were highly commended by the Europeans for the quality of the ships built by them. 

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