Native Chiefs At The Delhi Durbar, 1911 Postcard

This is an old photo postcard of the Native Chiefs or the various Maharajas at the Delhi Durbar of 1911. Also seen are British military officials. The Indian Royalty played a major role in backing the Delhi Durbar.

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It was a massive event marking the coronation of King George V as the King-Emperor of the British Empire. It was also the occasion of declaring the shift of the Indian capital from Calcutta to Delhi. The ceremony was conducted with great pomp unequaled since the time of Mughal rule.

All this definitely required an immense source of money as obviously India footed the bill. I will add more photos, postcards, etc of the various Delhi Durbars.  Click on the photo for better view.

See old video of The Delhi Durbar.

Did you know- the term Durbar was taken from the Persian, it means- a court or gathering of officials at the court. 

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